The pre-existing wall provided a basin for the indoor pond

                 evolution home theater -

                               indoor pond

This home theater showroom had the existing brick wall which was originally designed with silk plants.   Wanting to add some life to the room, Just Add Water took this space, created a small pond complete with waterfall and fish. 


This waterfall travels 23 feet to the pond slightly downhill

                         private home - pond with small river

For this client, the pond begins with a 3 foot high waterfall which rushes water across a small "river" spanning approximately Koi are most often grown in home ponds20 feet to a large pond measuring 15 feet across. 

The wall behind the pond was rocked to integrate the look

    private residence

This pond is actually built underneath the outside deck at this house in Alpharetta.  The wall was rocked with the same stone used in the pond creating a more natural and integrated design.

Garden ornaments can be added for a personalized look

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