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Since 1989, Just Add Water has been Greater Atlanta's premier company for design, installation and maintenance of aquariums and water art.  We are a flexible company that works directly with the client's ideas, thoughts and concerns to create one-of-a-kind systems that match one's aesthetics, personality and lifestyle.  We pride ourselves in being the company that "thinks outside the box" to create aquatic displays that reflect our client's personality, sense of style and sophistication.   Just Add Water provides aquatic ecosystems using the best state-of-the-art equipment and quality workmanship our discerning clients deserve. 

We give all of our clients the expert care they deserve, and do not charge extra for basic care such as water changes or feeding, and we do not use unnecessary chemicals or testing.  Our almost 20 years experience has helped us to provide excellent service at reasonable prices.   

 Please call us at

770-380-1020 or email us at mailto:jawservice@earthlink.net

All aquariums pictured on our site were originally designed and 

                        installed by Just Add Water.


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