Lace rock and others were used to create this large waterfall

              Indoor Pond

    Georgia Home Theater

Ponds are not limited to large backyards.  This indoor pond hand-pieced together using yellow lace rock sits inside the lobby.  Its large waterfall gently cascades down to the pond below.  

Indoor ponds are easy to care for

A wall was built to encase the pond on this balcony

                    Private Home - pond on balcony

A high-rise apartment in Buckhead is home to this small pond on the outside balcony.  The outer wall was built to about two and a half feet tall and provides a comfortable home for these goldfish.  

The main waterfall fills the corner of this vet's office

This view from the road shows the large area we designed

                    Dekalb Animal hospital,   Tucker  

This pond adorns a fine veterinary hospital in Tucker.  Just Add Water also provided complete landscaping for this project.  Conifers and Japanese maples surround the pond with its lilies and water plants.  The conifers provide year-round color for the garden 









Water spills from the upright rock in the middle of the pond.











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