A large rock was placed to create a dramatic waterfall

   Private residence     

  Traditions  subdiv.    

This pond was built aside a retaining wall behind a driveway.  The wall was completely rocked and a stone waterfall pours water 10 feet below to the pond.  A second compilation of waterfalls decorates the far end. 

Most plants can be put right at the water's edge

Pond building began before the home was complete If possible, building a pond before the home or landscaping is done, helps not to disturb any existing plants or trees. 

      This view is from the outside deck


Ponds can be placed in the front or back of homes

Morning sunlight highlights the pond

         Residential pond


This pond has many interesting elements built into it.   Besides the three waterfalls and landscaping, a removable egg crate wall divides the pond in order to separate baby fish from the adults who may prey on them.  Also, on the lower right, a rock "stand" sits in one side to place plants on.  Several planters have been built into the framework of the pond to house perennials and annuals.   


Temporary dividers protect the baby fish from the adults

Use the higher area to place a special plant

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