We took an existing pond and utilized the big hill behind it



lThis Conyers family already had a nice pond in their backyard when the called Just Add Water.  Using tons of stone we added a two-river waterfall system with three separate water pools.  The bottom pool was enlarged and given a more irregular and natural shape.  

The finished size is almost double the orginal size

Two large pumps provide the power to the waterfalls

                          top side view of pond

From this angle you can see how the top pool splits to form two rivers flowing down the hill to the middle pool.  An island in the middle gives plenty of room to plant the specimen Japanese maple from Just Add Water's Rare Plant Nursery.

Each river has it's own sound from the rushing water


The middle area shows the widest space between the rivers, where again meet at a waterfall that spills to the largest pond on the right. 

The fish are ready to hibernate in this fall picture

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