This waterwall had a small mantle at the space below the window


Bubble wall - Private Residence

            bubble Wall -

        private residence

The owner of this home took an unused window between a den and a hallway to place this bubble wall.

The flow of bubbles can be increased or decreased to your heart's desire.  One fun thing to do with bubble walls is to change the color of the water for special days or holidays.  

The hallway on this side leads to a home office

Logos can made from a variety of materials

                   providence Christian Academy -

                                   Bubble wall

Behind the bubble wall we placed this school's logo. The access to the pumps is in a closet behind this wall.  Very little maintenance is needed for these unusual displays.   

The visibility between the rooms adds an openess to the room

                pediatric office waiting areas

This bubble wall sits between the the well and sick waiting areas in this pediatric office.  It is easy to see through the wall to view the visitors on the other side.  The bubble wall gives movement to an otherwise still room. 


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