The flowing water creates a relaxing natural sound

            power industries     


Water walls are generally made of glass or acrylic and have water flowing down them.  One element that we suggest is to have your company logo etched into the wall for additional branding.  

Any logo can be etched into the glass

An artistic wate rwall gives visitors a great first impression

                          woodhams eye clinic

This display was made from a natural slate chosen specifically to match the decor of this specialty eye clinic.  Lighting from above helps to showcase the the irregular pattern in the stone.  Very little maintenance is needed for these walls.     

This wall lets clients know they are in the right office

    oculus skin care clinic

A water wall can be set between the shelves, as in this plastic surgeon's office, as not to take up additional space.  A piece of water art, this water wall also has the company name etched in to identify it to those walking past the clinic. 

The water does not obscure the logo

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