View from dining room, tank has traditional moulding

Private Home


This turtle and fish habitat stands between the dining

 room and the foyer and is visible from all sides. 

           freestanding or

               walk around

Freestanding or Walk-Around aquariums are an excellent choice for most homes and businesses.  

This style of tank is often used as a room divider, providing an artistic alternative to a wall.  Aquariums can be put into waiting rooms, entryways, lobbies or any room where you would like to "break-up" the space.  The cabinetry can be painted, stained, or faux-finished to complement any design.   

Just Add Water only uses acrylic aquariums, the kind used in all museums and public aquariums,  offering  the most aesthetically pleasing views as well as the most design shapes available.  


View from foyer

View from Foyer side

This turtle and fish habitat is eight feet wide by three feet

  Emory Orthopaedics Waiting Room

This turtle and fish habitat divides the very large patient waiting  areas in this office. This tank was painted using a faux-leather technique.    All the filtration is in the cabinet underneath the tank, and a panel on top allows for feeding the animals.  Our cabinetry is designed to be virtually childproof without locks or hardware.

This tank makes a spectacular replacement for a wall

Northeast Atlanta Ear, Nose & Throat

John's Creek Location 

Fill an Unused Space

With an Aquarium

In the Doctor's office at left, patients can view this half cylinder tank from both the vestibule entrance, and the other side from the waiting room.  This contemporary design is sleek and complements the modern decor. 


The tank at right fills what would  ordinarily be an unused space in this executive's office.  We refer to this style as a "corner tank" or flat-back hexagon.




The shape is referred to as a flat-back hex.

Lackmond Products

Executive's Office

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