From this side, the tank is flush with the wall

Adult Waiting Area

Northside Forsyth Emergency Room

Turtle Habitat in the         waiting area of Northside Forsyth Hospital's Emergency Room

The in-wall system provides the versatility of a different look with each side.  Here, one side is flush with the wall, the other has the appearance of a freestanding tank.  You are able to see through the tank to the other side, and view the interior from all four sides.

 The filtration system is hidden in the cabinet underneath the tank. 

Children cannot open this tank or filtration area

Children's Waiting Area

An acrylic divider separates the tank in the middle

              Private Home - Fresh Water Display

This unique modern display protrudes 8 inches from the wall and seemingly hangs as a painting would.  A half inch stainless steel plate supports the tank's weight. Viewed from the recreation room only, the filtration, stand and lighting are neatly tucked in a closet behind the system, out of sight.  Systems such as this are great under stairwells, a space often neglected.

This cabinet was painted to match the walls in the lobby

        Ivy hall Day  school,

               kennesaw, ga

 This turtle habitat has a small step up on the reception room side of the cabinet to allow the smaller children easy access to peer inside the aquarium.  The playroom side of the tank shows through the wall and is framed out as you would a window or door. 


You can see through the tank from the each side

View from preschool room

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