Aquariums can go almost anywhere

        private residence -    

       salt water aquarium 

One of the most unique systems we've done, this aquarium is actually seen from two rooms on separate floors.  The picture at left shows the aquarium from the great room on the ground floor.  The other side of the tank is seen from the upstairs master bedroom.  Neutral wall colors help make the interior of the aquarium stand out.   

Use an aquarium instead of a fireplace


Salt Water Aquarium

Private Bedroom

                Private Home - Fresh Water Display

Instead of the typical fireplace, this home chose a lovely aquarium to fill the same area in the room.  This aquarium if flush with the wall, and trimmed with traditional mouldings similar to that of a mantel. 

Two salt aquariums brighten this business

         Keylink systems  -

               salt Water

Two aquariums adorn the large lobby of this business.  Both tanks are set into the contemporary design of the architecture.

While installed as salt waters systems,    our tanks will easily convert to fresh water tanks, if desired.    

The interior can be decorated many ways

Salt Water Aquarium

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