Look closely to see the eel atthe top of the tank

In-Wall Aquarium in Bowling Room

 private residence - salt  and fresh water tanks

 An aquarium can be put into virtually any setting and design.  This 8 foot home theater aquarium comes alive once the movie is over and the screen is raised.   tank on the left has a brushed metal facade while the tank on the left becomes hidden when the home theater screen is lowered to watch a movie. 

The theater screen rolls down, covering the aquarium

Aquarium in Home Theater Room

In wall aquariums help save on cabinetry costs

          Private Home - turtle habitat Display

 The den of this home has one of our special turtle habitats.  Designed with a lower water level, basking sites and waterfalls, this systems provides a natural habitat for both fish and turtles. 

 Again, the "guts" of the systems are located behind this wall underneath a staircase, an area usually vacant in most homes. 

The curved tank follows the curved wall perfectly

Fresh Water Aquarium

Delmar Gardens - Gwinnett

           lobby displays

              Fresh Water

 In Delmar Gardens (left) Gwinnett location, this bowed in wall system provides a spectacular display for this lobby. At the Emory Spine Center, this through-the-wall display is seen from both the hallway and waiting area sides.   

Aquarium just outside of Jerry Lewis Theater

Fresh Water Display

Emory Spine Center

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