Fresh water aquariums can handle several times more fish


Fresh Water Display

African Cichlids with Stacked Rock


       The interior of your aquarium

                 Fresh Water Displays

Just Add Water provides a variety of design choices for your aquarium.  The most common display is the fresh water decor which provides the client with the most fish in an array of colors available.  We love to use African cichlids as they offer many vivid colors seen traditionally in salt water fish.

The interiors are filled with natural stacked rocks to provide the fish with plenty of cave-like spaces to feel secure and to breed. 

Even fresh water tanks can be decorated with corals to give the feel of a salt-water tank. 

We also offer a completely rocked backdrop to cover the back and/or sides of the aquarium.


African cichlids are excellent fresh water fish to use

We breed our own turtles for the displays

                             turtle and fish habitats

Our specialty is our one-of-a-kind turtle habitats.  We drop the water level down to provide a lower "lake" level,  and an above the water area is filled with waterfalls, basking sites and a natural rock and driftwood decor.

The baby turtles that are in the tanks are the property of Just Add Water and are put in the aquariums for educational and display purposes only.  Once they outgrow the tank, they are brought back to the shop to continue growing and eventually breed.  Our tanks are made in such a way that children (and adults) cannot touch the animals.  Additional locks can be placed to prevent access from anyone but our aquarists.          



Watch out - he'll bite !

         salt water displays

Our salt water aquariums are decorated with either natural coral or natural stone, to meet the client's preference.  We use the best equipment available to help assure a stable environment for the animals.  A variety of animals and fish are available to establish a dynamic and unique living system.



Finding Nemo brought back the popularity of salt tanks

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