Key Questions To Ask Yourself  When Purchasing an Aquarium


 Just Add Water is here to help you wade through the many choices while making your decisions. 

 Just Add Water's Aquarium systems are made to be user friendly.  Most systems only require one hour of service every two weeks.  When buying from us, you are not only purchasing an aquarium system, you are buying into our years of expertise and artistry.  


Below are some of the questions you may think about before calling us. 


When comparing our quote to those of other companies, remember that our systems include :


An acrylic aquarium designed to the client's specifications

Custom designed and finished cabinetry

Wet-dry filtration system

Lighting appropriate for the type of living system

Decorations for the interior of the tank

Initial fish/animal load

Care sheets and food supply


We offer and provide the finest quality maintenance for your aquarium for additional monthly fees.  

Just Add Water will match or beat another company's quote for comparable systems. 


  • Where will the aquarium or water art be placed?  Office or Home? 
  • What shape do you want?
  • How large will it be?  The dimensions of the aquarium are more important than the gallon size in a custom tank. 
  • Will the aquarium need to match the decor, or be a stand alone piece of living art?
  • Do you want a fresh water tank, salt water tank, turtle-fish habitat, or living coral display?
  • Do you want to maintain your own system, or have us maintain it?   


Please do not hesitate to call us at 770-761-8882 or email us at 




The versatility of acrylic makes almost any shape an option. 

Please don't hesitate to ask what we can create for you. 





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