Use aquariums to divide large rooms and fill empty space

Creekstone Estates Club House

Freshwater Tank


           Endless options

With custom designed aquariums the possibilities are almost limitless. 

The system on the left is a traditional-styled fresh water aquarium which divides areas in the club house.  

On the right is a more unique system comprised of two  bull-nosed tanks connected in the center with two cylinders allowing fish to swim from side to side through the tunnels. 

The fish can swim from one tank to the other in the tunnels

Private Residence

Salt-Water Aquarium

This cabinet has a laminate covering

             Scottish Rite - Day surgery waiting area

This salt water tank has a circus tent inspired cabinetry which fits perfectly into the decor of this Children's Hospital.  Another option for systems located in children's centers is to add a bottom step-up to help the little ones to see inside more easily. 


A much larger through-the-wall system with the circus tent design can be seen on the first in-wall systems page of this website.

This tank separates the waiting area from the reception desk

Turtle Fish Habitat

Emory Pediatrics Reception Area


               Can't Decide ?

    How about one of each ?  


There are actually two tanks,  one fresh water and one habitat, that help divide the large crescent shaped reception and waiting areas.

While the tanks themselves are identical, the interiors are decorated differently giving each a unique look. 

This aquarium holds about 60 fish, mostly african cichlids

Freshwater Fish Aquarium

Entry side, reception area

Only one tank is visible from the lobby

View from the Lobby of the Emory Building

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