One of our first habitats, this backdrop was faux rock

Turtle Habitat

Ernst & Young

         Cabinetry choices

 A tank can blend in with the existing decor, such as the one on the left with it's stained cabinet, or, can be an art piece in itself, such as the multi-  colored laminate bull-nosed tank on the right. 

Paint or laminate can provide endless color options

Salt Water Tank

Fayette Hospital

Both the aquarium and the cabinetry are curved on this display

               Pediatric Neurosurgery of Atlanta

 This display is a curved corner aquarium with matching curved cabinetry.  This slightly more expensive option clearly makes this design more elegant.  This tank complements the office decor and fills the unused corner.  From an overhead view, this shape would look like one quarter of a circle. 

The faux finish matches the laminated desk perfectly

Fresh Water Aquarium

World of Gymnastics, Duluth

     many looks available


 The faux finish of the tank on the left matches the reception desk perfectly while the habitat's stained finish blends in with the wood trim in the office on the right. 

Stained cabinetry matches the wood furniture trim

Turtle Habitat

Pediatric Adolescent

Surgical Associates

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